​         A personalized approach to meeting your music needs.      

      How long have you been dreaming of your wedding day?   What does it look like?  What memories do you want to create for your friends and family?  What is it going to take to turn your dreams into reality?  What are the most important aspects-the dress, wedding party attire, the catering, flowers, the venue, the photography, the wedding entertainment?  What are YOU most concerned about?  When it comes to planning all of the small details, what makes a wedding reception fun, memorable and special?   

         Am I the one that makes sense to work with for your special day?  Contact me today, so we can figure out if we  ‘fit’ well.   After all, if we are a good ‘fit’, then we’ll be spending a lot of time together to ensure your vision and dream become a reality.   


Are you searching for a wedding entertainer to help work with you to design a custom, personalised and fun event, to create memories intended to last a lifetime?  

Are you searching for a licensed Justice Of The Peace to perform your wedding ceremony?   (Throughout Nova Scotia) 

I work with wedding clients that are interested in collaborating with their wedding entertainment provider to design an unforgettable customized celebration. There is no 'standard wedding' when you decide to work with me.  

I offer three outstanding wedding entertainment packages:

Ruby:           Dinner & Reception Dance

Sapphire:     Cocktail, Dinner & Reception Dance

Diamond:     Ceremony, Cocktail, Dinner & Reception Dance

   Kitchen Party DJ            Ian Lewer-Wedding Entertainment Producer             (902)210-5433          ian@kitchenpartydj.com